Anne-Dorthe Wilms is a female art photographer, born and raised in the southern part of Sealand Denmark. During her more than 10+ years experience, she has specialised in creative wedding photographies, as well as people and animal portraits. Operating as a professional independent photographer since 2004, combined with a career in parallel as Graphical Designer at one of Scandinavia's largest media Companies, Anne-Dorthe Wilms experienced a growing interest and demand for her photography talent. Strengthening her photography experiences with a period as a reportage photographer, she determined opened her own studio in Præstø Denmark in 2012.

Anne-Dorthe Wilms operates across private and business customers, with specialities in creative wedding photographies as well as people and animal portraits. Working with all types of customers, her portraits counts among others; Fashion and Beauty, Pregnancy, New Born, Kids, Family, Animals, Business, Nude Arts and Boudoir. Uniquely Anne-Dorthe Wilms have added a possible 3rd dimension to her photography studio, by offering photography combined with graphical design. By combining her photography talent with her year long experience in graphical design, her pictures often takes shape and format not commonly seen in the industry.   

Her photographies have been evaluated and praised by various known Nordic photographers and she has participated in multiple seminars with famous international photographers such as Björn Thomassen (UK) and Ryan Schembri (Australia). Anne-Dorthes talent reaches far and her network of collaboration partners goes deep. Frequently collaborations with danish and international photographers across the fashion, commercial and art scenery, she always keep herself up to date with the latest trends, styles and technologies. 


  • 2018-present: Freelance photographer
  • 2012-2018: Anne Dorthe Wilms Photographer Studio - Præstø Denmark 
  • 2004-present: Independent Art Photographer
  • 2010-2012: Freelance reportage photographer for among others Østerbro and Vesterbro Avisen
  • 2005-2010: Graphic Designer at Egmont Denmark - one of Scandinavia's largest media companies
  • 2004-2005: Photo specialist at Click Næstved - one of Denmark largest specialised photo stores


  • Graphic Design 2004 - Copenhagen Technical Academy (KTS) 
  • Art Photographer 2005 - Fatamorgana Copenhagen (FATA) 

Business References: 

  • Das Büro, Copenhagen 
  • Per Morten Abrahamsen, Copenhagen 
  • Østerbro Avisen, Copenhagen 
  • Vesterbro Avisen, Copenhagen 
  • Nordea, Vordingborg
  • Home, Næstved
  • Feddet Camping, Faxe
  • Café Mocca, Præstø
  • Café Langt Ude, Feddet
  • Iskutteren, Præstø
  • Asbæk & Valhøj, Præstø
  • Frisko, Copenhagen
  • Sylvester Hvid & Co, Copenhagen
  • Seas-nve, Svinninge
  • Rema 1000
  • Tap & Vin, Næstved
  • Postnord
  • Nestlé, UK